jEm d-dee personalized blankets
All blankets are hand-made using the highest quality anti-pill lambskin fleece.  Caring for your new d-dee is easy!  Just wash with like colors in cold water and hang to dry! 

Select your blanket color and decal on the order form.

Additional charge of $2.00 per letter will apply for names containing more than 10 letters.

jEm KiS (Keep it Simple) blankets 
Everything that a traditional jEm d-dee is, but just "Keeping It Simple" with only the name stretching vertically up the right side of the blanket and no decal.  KiS d-dees are available in baby and Big Kid sizes and names will be applied using the large letter stencil.  NOTE - there is (on average) a 6 letter limit for the name on the baby size blanket.   

Gift certificates available.
BABY d-dees $50.00 
Baby d-dees measure approximately 26" x 33"

BIG KID d-dees $80.00 
Big Kid d-dees measure approximately 33" x 52". 
KiS d-dees $40.00 - baby or  $60.00 - Big Kid  

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