How it all started...

For many years, I have been making baby blankets as gifts for friends and family, but when my nephew/godson Tyler was born in 1997, I realized how important a simple blanket can be to a child.
Tyler's blanket was not fancy. It was a light blue gingham fabric with a yellow dragon tail edging.
As Tyler moved from infant to toddler, his blanket travelled along with him. I never expected it to become his most special possession. When he started talking he began referring to his blanket as "d-dee". His "d-dee" took on a persona of its own. This term eventually caught on with all the other babies born into my family.
I made more d-dees, all different, all with a special meaning to their little owners.
Tyler is 20 years old now, but "d-dee" is still as special to him today as it was when he was born, despite its tattered and faded condition.
Now I enjoy making d-dees for all kinds of babies and big kids and love telling my story of how "d-dee" was born. I hope your little one loves their jEm d-dee as much as I loved making it for them.
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