Frequently Asked Questions
Q1.How do I care for my jEm d-dee product?
A1.Caring for your jEm product is easy!  Just machine wash in cold water with like colors and hang to dry.  Machine drying is also fine on a low heat setting.  Fleece will not run, fade or shrink if cared for properly.
Q2.What is anti-pill lambskin fleece?
A2.Anti-pill lambskin fleece is a synthetic polyester fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.  It is the highest quality fleece available and will stand up to hundreds of washings. 
Q3.How are the jEm line of products made?
A3.All of our products are handmade in New Brunswick, Canada.  We use a commercial grade sewing machine to sew around the edges of our blankets using a "feathering" stitch which is both strong and decorative.  A simple sewing machine is used to apply our decals.  Our blankets are cut by hand and made with a single layer of fleece. 
Q4.What are the different d-dee blanket sizes?
A4.jEm d-dees come in 3 sizes:
Baby d-dees measure approximately 26" x 33"
Big Kid d-dees measure approximately 33" x 52". 
Pet d-dees measure approximately 26" square. 

Q5.Are jEm products fire safe?
A5.Fleece is made of polyester synthetic fibers and is therefore flame resistant and will not catch fire.  Fleece falls at the middle of the scale for fire safety with cotton being the most flammable fabric.  If fleece is exposed to extreme heat or a direct flame it will melt, but not catch on fire.  No fabrics sold at fabric stores are fire resistant when purchased.  It must be treated with a fire retardant chemical spray and this process should be repeated after frequent washings of the item.  Studies have shown that the toxic fire retardant spray that is applied to fabrics is more harmful to children than wearing clothing without the chemicals added.  
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