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Client Testimonials
I love to hear what my clients have to say about their jEm personalized creations!  If you have a kudos to shout out about one of our products, please send it to us and we will post it here for all to read! 
Kelly, thank you for making the blankets last minute for me!  They are absolutly fantastic!  They are AMAZING!  I am so happy with the finished products! 
Expect more orders from me :)
Quispamsis, NB
I LOVE the new blanket.....LOVE IT!! I need one for myself ;0)
Saint John, NB
Thanks so much Kim and Kelly. We just love the blanket!
Ottawa, ON
He LOVES his d-dee, he's already objecting when I take it away to wash it. Thanks again Kelly!
Saint John, NB
Your blankets are AMAZING! I can't wait until you start your "big kid" line! My son would go crazy for the golf blanket and my daughter would love one that's a cross between with Emma and Syd blankets. I'll be keeping an eye on your website. What a fantastic idea!!
Saint John, NB
I just wanted to say that her jEm d-dee is so much more to her and us then “just” a blanket.  That blanket brings so much joy to Miss Scarlett’s life.  She cannot sleep without it!!!  I’ve forgotten it before on various outings and have tried to use other blankets, but it certainly does not work!  Nothing takes the place of her d-dee.  My husband and I thank you so much for providing us with something much, much, more than a blanket.  You have provided us with a comfort tool, memories, and most importantly sleep!!! 
Quispamsis, NB
Just wanted to let you know that they LOVED the d-dee.  The "whole neighborhood" wanted to know where it came from! I passed along your website to them :) Thought you might like to know that you have more BIG fans!
Quispamsis, NB
We received a beautiful blanket from a friend for the birth of our son Mason. We love this blanket so very much, it washes well, it’s soft and the perfect size for our little guy. I’ve attached a shot of our little buddy and his favourite blankie.  
Toronto, ON 
Just received one of your GORGEOUS blankets for my daughter, who was born a few months ago. I just love it so much. It is so different from anything you can get in the store. I love your use of bright, bold colors and simple shapes. The blanket still looks great after numerous washings. It is warm, and is the PERFECT size. It's small enough to be a security item and to easily shove in the diaper bag, but big enough to still cover my now four-month old in the car seat or crib. It is hard to find a blanket that size! I teach a mom-stroller workout class, and the others are always commenting on it & asking where I got it!
Charlottesville, Virginia
Hey Kelly, they LOVE them!  Abi wants to take it every where she goes.  It has almost replaced her teddy! They love showing them off. 
Quispamsis, NB
I have to say I have now ordered four d-dees and the fifth is in the works...........they are fantastic! They are even better than they look in the pictures, Excellent Job Kelly!
Quispamsis, NB
I just got mine today from a GREAT friend, and I just love it ;P
Saint John, NB
Kelly - he LOVES it...when he sees it in his crib he has to have it and he drags it everywhere with him :) Thanks so much!!
Saint John, NB
My son Blake just got his first jEm d-dee today and we are thrilled, looooooove it!! So creative and original, we feel special to have one!!
Fredericton, NB
They are fantastic!!!!  I just love them!  Thank you so much for finding the perfect blue for my blanket. Thanks again Kelly.  You are amazing!
Both blankets were a huge hit!!!  It was the talk of the entire day and and everyone was in aw over the blanket!!  My friend was so in shock that I had gone through all the trouble to have the baby's name put on the blanket, she almost cried.  Thanks so much!
Quispamsis, NB 
Thank you! I just got the blanket today and could not be more happier with it!  It's absolutely fantastic!  This truly personalized "blankie" will be treasured by Sophie for years!
Fredericton, NB
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